Imagination Technologies buys into Toumaz

Semiconductor intellectual property company Imagination Technologies is a financial backer to a new Toumaz subsidiary, Toumaz Microsystems, which will focus solely on low power, wireless ICs.

Toumaz has divided itself by two, and now has Toumaz UK – which will look after its health technology products, and Toumaz Microsystems for the wireless ICs. Both will be subsidiaries of Toumaz Ltd but all of Toumaz’s chip design team will head to Microsystems.

Toumaz Microsystems designs, develops and sells ICs for radios that find themselves in connected devices, in a range of market segments including home and enterprise automation, security and smart power. 

For its £5 million investment and chip IP, Imagination gets 25 percent of Toumaz Microsystems. Imagination will also provide supportive engineering resources to Toumaz Microsystems, reports Electronics Weekly

Imagination will have one of its own sit on the board, where he will be kept company by two from Toumaz.