IBM working on new 3D semiconductor packaging

IBM has announced a collaboration to develop new 3D semiconductor packaging.

Big Blue will join forces with Tokyo Electron subsidiary TEL NEXX for a joint development programme to accommodate advances in 3D semi design.  

TEL NEXX will contribute advanced production tools to the venture, as the pair aim for denser packaging with a greater emphasis on energy efficiency.

In the past IBM has used TEL NEXX’s Stratus platform for 300mm packaging on IBM’s range of servers and a range of custom logic products.

One of the aims of the collaboration is to ensure that IBM servers can live trouble-free lives up to the ripe old age of twenty years. This will require the two to bump heads on how they can create a near perfect processing environment to enable this.

TEL NEXX president Tom Walsh said that the production tools it has can help IBM meet these challenges.

This includes enhanced Apollo PVD technology which “promises an economically efficient solution for barrier seed deposition”, while the Stratus ECD will be “deployed in developing plating interconnects, among other 3D structures”.  

“We’re aiming to meet levels of productivity and reliability that solve problems only now being formulated in IBM’s advanced labs,” Walsh said.