IBM to release Power 7 chips today

Big Blue is ready to roll out four servers today using the latest iteration of its microprocessor, the Power 7 family.

IBM designed the Power 7 microprocessors using elements of the Cell CPU it co-developed with Sony, including a floating point calculator now part of the Power 7 core.

IBM Power 7 microprocessors have 1.2 billion transistors. The Power 7 chips have eight processors per core, with each core capable of running four threads.  IBM will launch four servers aimed at securing its leading market share in the Unix market.

Big Blue is implementing a feature it calls Turbo Core, that can double the performance of each core in the previous generation of its chips, the Power 6 family.

The microprocessors are made at IBM’s East Fishkill fabrication plant.

IBM has increased its share of the market at the expense of Sun servers and technology. Sun was recently acquired by Oracle.