IBM, STMicro to open fabs in India

The Indian government has approved plans for the construction of two wafer fabrication plants in the country.

The first chips are due to roll out in two to three years, according to EE India

IBM proposed the first fab with the backing of Jaiprakash Associates and cooperation from TowerJazz. It will have a capacity of 40,000 CMOS 300mm wafers per month and feature 90nm, 65nm and 45nm nodes in phase one, but later it will get to 28nm and 22nm in phase two and three respectively.

STMicroelectronics is behind the second plant, which will have the exact same capacity, 40,000 wafers per months, 300mm size, and CMOS technology. The first phase will feature 90nm, 65nm and 45nm nodes, but phase two will bring 28nm and 22nm capacity as well.

The government has required technology providers to take 10 percent equity in the new projects, while the state will also grab 11 percent equity.

They’re expected to directly employ about 22,000 people and up to 100,000 indirectly.