IBM gets into bed with ARM

ARM logoIBM has struck a deal with British semiconductor designer ARM in a bid to hold a central position in the burgeoning internet of things (IoT) marketplace.

IBM said that the initiative, called the IBM IoT Foundation will provide “out of the box” connectivity with ARM devices to analytic services.

Big Blue also said it has started the first in a series of IBM Cloud IoT services, called IoT for Electronics. The service is aimed at electronic manufacturers.

The IoT Foundation, IBM said, lets fully managed and cloud hosted offerings analyse large quantities of data and provides a level of security for embedded devices too.

The deal with ARM means that products that use ARM mbed enabled chips to auto register with IBM’s offerings and connect to IBM’s analytic tools.

IBM claims a number of electronics manufacturers have already adopted the tools it’s offering giving as an example a smart washing machine that when it breaks down triggers an alarm to call a service engineer.