IBM and Samsung partner for semiconductor R&D

IBM and Samsung are cosying up in the name of research. The pair have announced that they will work together to develop semiconductor process technology, which can be used in applications from smart phone handsets to communications infrastructure.

They will also look into new semiconductor materials, manufacturing processes and other technologies.

The partnership marks the first of its kind between the two and will see Samsung researchers joining IBM boffins in the Semiconductor Research Alliance at the Albany Nanotech Complex in New York. Here they will investigate new materials and transistor structures, as well as interconnect and packaging for next-generation nodes.

The process technology developed by the pair will, they hope, grow their leadership in mobile computing. Those at home will also benefit – with claims that the technology will bring us faster mobile web and cloud computing.

Michael Cadigan, general manager, IBM Microelectronics, said: “Collaborative innovation will be critical if the semiconductor industry is to continue driving new forms of consumer electronics and new methods of computing.”