IBM and 3M come up with chip glue

Biggish Blue and 3M have announced that they will jointly develop a new line of glues they hope will let them make it possible to stack up to 100 chips on top of each other.

If they find the right sticky stuff, it will mean that they can create higher-powered servers and more advanced consumer electronics applications.

Processors could be tightly packed with memory and networking in a “brick” of silicon that would create a computer chip 1,000 times faster than today’s chips. They might also be able to lift an elephant using only three drops of glue.

The new glues will need to efficiently conduct heat through a densely packed stack of chips and away from logic circuits.

3M and IBM want to develop glues that can be applied to silicon wafers, coating hundreds or even thousands of chips at once.

In a press release, Bernard Meyerson, vice president of research for IBM said that chips containing 3D transistors are too flat.

Big Blue boffins are aiming to develop materials that will allow them to package tremendous amounts of computing power into a silicon ‘skyscraper.’

Meyerson wants to create a new class of semiconductor that offers more speed and capabilities while they keep power usage low.