IBM adopterons the 6000 series Opterons

AMD won a design win for its Opteron 6000 Series processors after IBM said it would show systems using the chips at VM World.

The IBM X3755 M3 machines are aimed at the enterprise, high performance computing and small and medium businesses.

AMD said a number of other companies will show off machines using the chips at VM World, including Acer – which has both rack and blade systems; Dell with rack systems; HP with both rack and blade systems, and IBM.

The good old Cray fish will also use AMD Optero 6000s to produce petascale systems, so all-in-all AMD is giving itself a pat on the corporate tummy, sorry back.

AMD is attacking Intel by suggesting that a “4P tax” prevents customers and end users getting the best value for systems.

Meanwhile, David Kanter, at Real World Tech, has done an in depth piece on AMD’s forthcoming “Bulldozer” technologies, which he says will appear between the middle and the end of next year using a 32 nanometre process.  His analysis of the future is here.