Hynix to splash $26 billion on new fabs

Samsung DRAMKorean memory giant SK Hynix said it intends to build two fabrication plants in South Korea and will spend close to $26 billion on their construction.

SK Hynix is the second biggest manufacturer of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) in the world, ranking second behind the other big Korean memory manufacturer, Hynix.  US DRAM company Micron and Japanese giant Toshiba are also in the memory game.

According to a report at Reuters, SK Hynix will complete the fabs by 2024. This type of spending on state of the art semiconductor fab plants is not unusual. Companies making these large capital investments cost them out over a period of years.

SK Hynix is essentially playing catch up with Samsung, which is likely to hold the lead until at least the beginning of next year.