Hynix ditches DRAM for NAND at Wuxi factory

Hynix has decided that it will ditch the DRAM for NAND flash at its Wuxi factory in China.

Although the company was riding high on the DRAM wave, owning about 20 percent of the market last year, it seems it has decided to switch production to NAND as a result of the high revenues promised from the popularity of the Apple product market.  

Apple’s iPad, MacBook Air and Ultrabooks all use 32-128Gb NAND, which has increased the demand for this technology.

According to a report  earlier this week, by 2015 Apple’s NAND products will account for around 58 percent of NAND demand. Its iPad will also drive the need for faster memory with the density of this product expected to grow from 9.4 percent in 2012 to 33.8 gigabytes per unit. Furthermore IHS has predicted that overall shipments will reach 16.3 billion gigabytes into 2015. 

Hynix is, of course, not the only company wising up to NAND. Samsung recently announced that it is planning on setting up a 12-inch wafer plant in China, while Micron and Intel showed off a NAND-Flash joint venture back in December.

In turn this has and will continue to encourage companies to compete against each other in a bid to get a piece of the NAND action. 

Hynix chief executive Kwon Oh-chul told the Korea Herald: “I believe our chance for growth in the memory market is very high since the demand of memory chips with the rise of the smart and mobile eras.”

He added the company comparatively had advantages in technology, quality of products and price competitiveness.