Hurd and Gelsinger turned down AMD job offer

Ex-HP boss Mark Hurd and “Kicking Pat” Gelsinger, who left Intel have both turned down the offer of a job as AMD’s new CEO.

Bloomberg said that Hurd, Gelsinger and Greg Summe, manager director of investment firm Carlyle Group, were all approached by AMD headhunters to see if they were interested in running the outfit.

AMD has been without a permanent CEO since Dirk Meyer resigned in January. CFO Thomas Seifert has been the interim CEO since Meyer’s resignation, but has already said he doesn’t want to keep doing it.

Gelsinger gave headhunters the boot. He told Bloomberg in an interview that he flatly turned down AMD’s advances having said no in the past and saying no again.

No one knows what Hurd or Summe said. They refused to comment. Hurd appears to be doing rather well at Oracle at the moment and no one seems to care who he invites out to dinner.

AMD Chairman Bruce Claflin is in charge of finding a new CEO. Last month he claimed his search committee was making “good progress”. We guess they have found the coffee machine and worked out how it works, because no one else has heard the fruits of the committee’s labours.

Meyer was not anxious to jump into the burgeoning tablet and smartphone markets, instead saying he preferred to wait for the markets to mature before jumping in.

About a month after Meyer cleaned out his desk, Seifert said AMD would make a push into the tablet market, but could not do smartphones for a while. His logic was that there were shedloads of people making chips for smartphones and AMD would have a devil of a job making cash.