Huang claims GPUs will give him power

The Glorious Leader of Nvidia, Jen-Hsun Huang, claims that the march towards exascale computing will be hindered unless the world bows down to his mighty GPU.

During a keynote rally at the SC 11 supercomputing show in Seattle, says that unless technology venders turn power over to him it will be a long march towards exascale capabilities indeed.

He said that exascale computing “the next frontier for our industry” will enable faster, more powerful high-performance computing (HPC) applications in such industries as energy, medicine and defence.

According to Eweek,  the industry wants to meet the goal of an exaflop by 2019, while doing so within a 200 megawatt limit.

At the moment the world’s fastest computer, Fujitsu’s K Computer, can manage 10.51-petaflops but then needs to have a lie down. Reaching the exaflop level would require about 100 times better performance.

Huang says that in the GPUs of Nvidia lie the answer for what will drive HPC is parallel processing, and what will propel that are graphics processing units, or GPUs.

He said that parallel computing is tricky. Nvidia is forming an Axis of Allies with Cray, The Portland Group and the Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms to create OpenACC, an effort to create a standard for parallel computing.

The glorious plan is to enable researchers, scientists and corporations to run applications in a parallel fashion on heterogeneous CPU/GPU systems.

Parallel programmers will be able to outline directives to the compiler, which will do all the work to optimise the applications for GPU-accelerated environments.

Huang hopes that this will bring a lot more people to parallel computing.