How King Dirk Meyer was cast out into the wilderness


AND there came from the East a terrible Leviathan called mobile communication, and he that rideth upon it was carried unto great heights, but he that ignored it was squashethed. 1. And it came to pass that all was not well in the Land of Ai-Em-De for the people did see that Leviathan cometh and wanted to jump upon it, lest they were squasheth like Microsoft’s King Ballmer. 2. And they went unto their King Dirk Meyer and said unto him “Give us a mobile chip so that we may not be squashed under the heel of this Mobile Leviathan for we fear like becoming unto King Ballmer of Redmond and mocked for not riding it.” 3. “Other Kingdoms have tablets of stone from which to work and Ai-Em-De doth not.” 4. But King Meyer was perplexed. He knewth that a tablet of stone was pointess. Was it not a keyboardless notebook, or an ebook with a screen which could not be read? 5. “Speak unto me not of the Tablet,” he sayth. “It is a chocolate teapot of technology, worthy only for those who are stupid enough to partake of the Apple. Is it not written that the Tablet shall be a flash in the pan, especially those who cannot read Flash?” 6. Is it not written that he who lives by the Leviathan shall die by it? 7. And so King Meyer said let others ride the Leviathan for in Ai-Em-De, we shall maketh chips that will go into PCs, like our sworn enemy the people of In-Tel. 8. And the people did murmur than even In-Tel was trying to ride the mobile Leviathan and King Meyer was a bit dumb, even for a King, and they did plot against him. 9. “Did we not miss the netbook, while that was fashionable,” they moaned. “Did we not miss the smartphone revolution? All that cash which was rendered unto the people of Arm should have come to us,” they muttered. 10. And Meyer heard of their mutterings and did nothing. After all was he not the man who returned the people unto the land of milk and honey after their wanderings in the wilderness. Was he not the one that flogged off the FAB unto the desert people? Had he not cutteth the costs, where the cost needed to be cut? 11. But the people knew better. They knew that they had nearly been the first to ride the Leviathan. Had they not had the Imageon line which married the ATI GPU and an ARM CPU into a low-power, high-performance System on a Chip. 12. But King Meyer had decided that it was a pile of camel dung and sold the whole unit to Qualcomm for 30 pieces of silver. For the people knew that Ai-Em-De was poor at the time, but had not Meyer cutteth the costs where the cost needed to be cut not, they would be in clover now. 13. But the people gathered together with stones and rocks and did tell King Meyer to go forth and multiply, for they would find themselves a new King who would let them ride the Mobile Leviathan. 14. However, the Leviathan which was ridden now by many Kings did appear to be the undoing of the people of Ai-Em-Dee.