Holy cow, Ian McNaughton has left AMD

Last week a little birdie told us that Ian McNaughton, AMD’s blogger-marketer extraordinaire, would be leaving the firm for new opportunities.

We congratulated Ian on his upcoming move and asked him whether he wanted us to write about it. After which we promptly forgot to do so. Ooops.

McNaughton, however, not one to be forgotten or ignored, was adamant we write about his imminent departure from little chipper, because he has “SO MANY press calling, emailing…”

The big man

That’s because Ian is a popular guy with the press. He tweets, he blogs, he pretends to be a big cynic. Almost what passes for an online journalist these days. Except Ian actually gets paid in real money and not monopoly notes.

Anyway, Ian reasoned with us: “better to have one story they can all link to than to talk to them all…”

And we like a bit of linkage here at TechEye, so we’re happy to oblige. Only question is, what to write?

The bigger Mac

After mulling this over for a little while, a muse came to us, handing us the perfect suggestion on a silver platter. It goes something like this:

“Holy shit! Ian McNaughton has left AMD. And HOLY SHIT, wouldn’t it be awesome if Nvidia or Intel were to hire him..? Secrecy around him leaving lends to speculation… Ian McNaughton was and is a very experienced and well respected Tech person, I wonder why AMD would allow him to walk out the door..?  NV, Intel, incase you are interested, you may want to see if he has landed anywhere… blah, blah, etc., etc.”

Almost what passes for online journalism these days.

We wonder what Ian will do with his two week holiday before starting his new job? Perhaps he will Go Fishing. Or play golf.