Hackers could hijack homes

Internet of thingsA security expert said that setting up your house based on the  ‘Internet of Things’ devices could lead to your house being hijacked by hackers.

Allen Scott, the head of strategic partnerships, for F Secure warned that the new wave of ‘internet of things’ devices could leave people ‘under siege’ from criminals that “want to find an easy way to make cash.”

He said that the current trend from hackers involves people are taking data, encrypting it and then holding it to ransom. There is no reason to think it is impossible with smarthouses.

The ‘Internet of Things’ essentially describes a new type of home product that now has internet connectivity, allowing it to update itself, be controlled remotely via smartphone or tap into millions of other devices to make itself more intelligent.

Currently these devices range from smart thermostats which let you remotely control your home’s heating to remotely controlled lighting to ovens which can be pre-set to turn on using a smartphone.

But they also include things like ‘smart locks’ use a fingerprint sensor on your phone to allow access to your house.

Scott warns that these new gadgets present hackers with a lucrative new source of income.

“They’re no longer kids in bedrooms hacking into the NATO website because they can do it, or challenging each other at school, you can make more money from hacking with ransomware. Every technology device that’ll be shipped in four of five years’ time will have an IOT connector in it, it still astonishes me that you can go to eBay and buy pretty sophisticated technology for under a £10. Without knowing it you’ve just bought yourself an IoT,” he said.