Graphic chipmakers stagnate in Q3

Jon Peddie Research has released its estimated graphics shipments and supplier market share for Q3 2010. The research reveals a ten percent increase in shipments over last year but an unseasonable one percent down from the previous quarter 2010 thanks to the slump in notebook sales.

Intel is leader for the quarter’s market share, holding a steady 55.6 percent – up 3.2 percent last quarter. It is followed by AMD at 22.3 percent which itself is being tailed by Nvidia, overdue for a comeback, at 21.2 percent. AMD’s share dropped while Nvidia’s increased.

VIA, Matrox and SiS, competing with the major players, are at places four five and six respectively, with effectively next to nothing market share. VIA had 0.8 percent market share for the quarter and suffered 4.7 percent drop in quarter to quarter unit growth. Matrox has just 0.1 percent of market share and no quarter-to-quarter unit growth, however year on year it has grown 102.5 percent. SiS slumps in last with minus 96.7 percent unit growth quarter to quarter.

Jon Peddie Research suggests there has been deemphasis on GPUs after weakening in the Euro zone – laptop makers opting for cheaper integrated graphics instead. The report says AMD’s graphics revenue decreased 11 percent sequentially but did grow 33 percent year-on-year.

Intel’s Atom processor revenues were down four percent in the quarter which some say is thanks to cannibalisation by tablets. As the 8 million iPads shipped in the quarter, an estimated 11 percent of all 70 million notebooks and netbooks, Intel hopes to claw back the lost percentile with its tablet chips due next year. The chipmaker saw strong growth from its embedded graphics processors, up 50 percent from Q2.