Google TV delays explained

Search Engine Google appeared a tad embarrassed when it decided to pull back from launching its Google TV product at CES last month.

The move apparently annoyed the backers in the electronics industry who actually had some products they wanted to show off.

At the time, rumours said that Google was reluctant to sign off on the software for the project but now it seems that the outfit is considering shafting its partner on the project, Intel and moving to ARM processors instead.

According to Smarthouse, Google TV products with ARM chips inside are set to be released with Toshiba, Samsung, Sharp and LG coming out with models in Australia by the end of the year. This is much later than the end of 2010 as promised.

It seems also that it was not Google’s fault as orginally thought, but a request from the manufacturers for a move away from the more expensive Intel chips and into low powered cheaper ARM processors.

TV makers are having to bend to the will of regulators who are telling them they have to make lower powered TVs

It also means that the price of Google TV hardware would drop below the $300 Logitech offering.

The rumours make a little more sense than the post CES “Google has made a huge cock-up” stories that appeared. There would be very little point in Google pushing its TV with Intel chips inside if it was going to fail to move its own manufacturers. Intel’s CEO, Paul Otellini, is on the board of Google so if any of this is true, conversations would have been interesting, unless Mr O removed himself from the discussions, of course.