Google shows off new Tegra based tablet

Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group has released details of a new Protect Tango tablet based around an Nvidia Tegra K1.

The seven inch tablet comes with 4GB of RAM, 128GB of storage and WiFi, Bluetooth, and 4G LTE.

The Tegra K1 was announced at CES and is a next generation mobile processor that is based on the Kepler architecture found on the company’s PC GeForce graphics cards. The K1 has 192-cores and has the power to run desktop grade software and graphics on a mobile device.

Google said that the tablet has a front facing camera with a 120-degree viewing angle, a 4MP rear camera, motion tracking camera, and an integrated depth sensor. The combination of these sensors plus NVIDIA’s K1 allows the device to perform detailed tracking to create amazing three-dimensional environments.

Before anyone gets too excited, Google has not ever released a concrete objective for its Project Tango devices. They are more or less built so that the ATAP team has a vision of creating something that could one day impact the way we use and think about devices.

That said, the tablet will be available as a development kit later this year and will cost $1,024. These units are intended for developers and will be available in limited quantities. Have a look at it in action below.