GloFo takes aim at MEMS market

Chip foundry GloFo has its eyes set on making waves in the MEMS market.

What are MEMS? They’re micro electro mechanical systems –  used for actuators, sensors and mechanical elements all integrated on silicon.

According to Rakesh Kumar, director of MEMS at GloFo, the opportunities to become a provider is because there’s a huge range of applications for such devices in the industrial, consumer, telecom, aerospace, medical, automotive and defence industries.

You can find MEMS for accelerometers, gyroscopes, microphones, pressure sensors, mini-mirrors, inkjet heads and the medical and consumer industries are pushing their development. Kumar said that GloFo is creating surface and bulk micromachining and wants to be a major player by 2012.

It wants to take the opportunity of challenging small specialist MEMS foundries which, er founder on their limited economies of scale and will use its 200mm fabs as a basis for the uniting of CMOS and machining. The initiative will therefore be based out of Singapore.  The former Chartered Semi has been working on MEMS for some years, and there will be risk production by the third quarter of 2011.

It will concentrate on MEMS for accelerometers, gyroscopes and RF MEMS and so far has a roadmap extending to 2014.

By focusing on fabless MEMS companies it wants to become the supplier for designs its customers need building.

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