GloFo starts making IBM chips in New York

Global Foundries has announced that it has started making chips in its Fab 8 in New York, but Charlie at Semiaccurate has found proof that IBM is helping it out.

Fab 8 is making 32nm HKMG SOI on 300mm wafers with both IBM and GlobalFoundries working together. It is unlikely to be AMD as the main customer as IBM is involved.

Production is starting late, probably because several Fab 8 executives have fled the plant in search of a better life somewhere else,

Charlie points out that 32nm SOI is not really a high demand process, but it is one that AMD in particular needs more capacity. However, GloFo is way behind on its 28nm process for AMD so the question is why it didn’t try to fix that before working on this project.

AMD and GloFo are not the best of chums at the moment. AMD seems to be heading more towards GloFo rival TSMC.

It seems that GloFo’s answer to that snub is to team up with IBM to make something which is tamer but will get it more sales in the short term.