GloFo ready to go-go with 300 millimetre wafers

Foundry contender GlobalFoundries said that it is now ready to install 300 millimetre wafer equipment in its Dresden and New York cleanrooms.

The company – spun off from AMD and financed by big dollars from Abu Dhabi – said that Fab 1 in Dresden will now be able to pump out 80,000 wafers a month when it’s at its peak with 100,000 square feet of clean room, space.

Fab 8, the factory it is building in New York State, has already admin staff working there, and GloFo started building another admin building next week.

The company claims that Fab 8 will be the most technologically advanced wafer fab in the world when it’s finished, with total clean room space of 300,000 square feet and the ability to churn out 60,000 wafers a month when it’s completed in early 2013.

It will be able to create chips with line widths of 28 nanometres and below, GlobalFoundries said.