GloFo pulls Amkor into its semiconductor web

Amkor has become a founding member of GlobalFoundries‘ assembly alliance, the company announced today.

The partnership will work to create integrated assembly and testing and will create and sell integrated packaging and testing products aimed at a number of potential customers.

GloFo said Amkor is a founding member of its Global Alliance for Advanced Assembly Solutions – the idea is to create advanced semi interconnect, assembly and packaging technologies.

The companies already have a lead-free wafer bump licensing arrangement, GloFo said.

The background is that three dimensional stacking of ICs is the shape of things to come, but that increases the complexity of packaging the semiconductors. So GloFo and Amkor have teamed together to collaborate on the challenges faced by the industry.

It’s difficult for semiconductor companies to do things on their own, these days and most pundits anticipate more, rather than less collaboration in the future.