GloFo, IBM, Samsung to demonstrate future silicon

Three chip giants, GlobalFoundries, Samsung and IBM, are beating their chests about an upcoming March showcase they promise will demonstrate the future of silicon.

As part of the Common Platform alliance, an industry body dedicated to pushing innovation in silicon, the three are going to be discussing pushing the processes down to as far as 14nm, and also talking up 450mm wafer manufacturing.

IBM’s general manager of microelectronics, Michael Cadigan, said that the joint expertise of the companies in the Common Platform alliance really is pushing breakthroughs in the technology industry and for semiconductor manufacturing. All involved will reap the benefits for them and their customers, he said.

The showcase will be staged at the 2012 Common Platform Technology Forum, Santa Clara, 14 March.

Jason Gorss, spokesperson at GlobalFoundries, told TechEye: “It’s a pretty unique partnership and the event should exemplify that. The Common Platform alliance has existed for almost a decade now and has enabled several generations of semiconductor technology for mobile, computing and data management applications.

“The alliance is based on a unique shared R&D model, where customers benefit from world-class process development and deployment.

“At the forum, we’ll be discussing advanced technology nodes and the innovation pipeline to 14nm and beyond. We’ll be hosting technical deep dives and discussions on the increasingly complex manufacturing and design processes for the 20nm and 14nm nodes. We’ll also be talking about the challenges of lithography and what we are doing there to address issues such as double patterning and EUV.

“And attendees will get a glimpse into the future through an executive panel on the next key drivers of semiconductor innovation beyond 14nm technology, from FinFETs to nano-wires to 450mm wafers.”