GloFo claims it drowns TSMC with superior technology

The big buzz at GTC this year, only the second the ATIC-funded upstart has had so far, is High-K Metal Gate.

GlobalFoundries seems to be pinning its hopes on the HKMG chips as a way to stave off competition from rivals in TSMC – who it claims to have already trounced in terms of wafers shipped.

GloFo’s motto this year is “Driving innovation through ‘true’ collaboration” – bunny ears not added by us.

But more importantly, GloFo insists, is that it has “tamed the beast” with HKMG where its rivals have not and, it thinks, will not. Most market share graphs were accompanied with comparison charts with a mysterious Taiwanese rival (TSMC) and, on occasion, a processor company (Intel).

GloFo says that, as well as beating its rivals by flooding the world with its product in legion, people don’t realise that the  AMD-spin off is actually sitting on a very comfortable stash of intellectual property, particularly good for what is, really, a very new company.

Anyway, it was HKMG, HKMG, HKMG. “We have come a long way, we have a long way to go also,” began interim CEO Ajit Manocha. His history has been in ATIC for the last couple of years, though he had stepped up to the plate at GloFo in the past couple of months. BSN’s Theo Valich asked at the press lunch whether it’s appropriate to be sharing his vision if he might not be sticking around. We haven’t seen the last of him, Ajit assures us, but the hunt is certainly on for a good leader. Back to the ATIC board, perhaps, he says.

Basically the speech was to reassure customers and partners that GlobalFoundries is doing the right thing. Don’t worry, calm down on those HKMG jitters, kids – it’s all going to be OK.

Customers will be dealing with a hands-on approach from the bosses at GloFo, and they’ll get help with designing their chips, etc. etc. Besides, didn’t you look at the name, stupid? G.L.O.B.A.L.

The interim CEO lends his condolences to the tragedy that happened in Japan. but if it were to happen again, at least GloFo has its sites all across the world…

Meanwhile, customers shouldn’t consider China or Taiwan because the Singapore base is politically stable and the worst natural disasters will be the flash floods.