GloFo boosts investments

GlobalFoundries said it will invest up to $2.7 billion during 2010 to ramp up capacity at its facilites worldwide. The former better half of AMD declined to give a breakdown of capital expenditure per individual fab, however the company did say the major part will be invested in Fab 1. Most of the money will be used to for “the ramp of 32/28nm HKMG technology”.

Fab 1 is situated in Dresden, chip capital of the federal state known in Germany as “Silicon Saxony”, and is planned to achieve an output level of 60.000 wafers per month when fully built out.

Fab 7, situated in Singapore, will have 50.000 square feet more cleanroom space and churn out approximately 50.000 wafers a month, whilst focusing on mainstream technologies ranging from 130nm to 40nm. Fab 8, currently being built in New York’s Saratoga County, will produce more than 40.000 wafers per month when things are all nicely running.

Rival TSMC is currently building Phase 4 and Phase 5, which are two new buildings located at the foundry’s Fab 12. TSMC wants to bring its capacity to over 200.000 wafers per month by the end of this year, whereas smaller competitor UMC aspires to make 100.000 per month.