GloFo accredits Synopsys IC Validator for 28nm

GlobalFoundries has certified Synopsys‘ IC Validator verification for the 28nm, 40nm and 65nm sign-offs.

The IC Validator is for use with the IC Compiler for In-Design physical verification, the idea being to help along route energineers’ time to tapeout. Synopsys promises GloFo no “late stage surprises” with the validator and cuts out the need for manual fixes. 

Synopsys’ verification is all about battling the ‘implement-then-verify’ trend, it says, which doesn’t do anyone favours when there are nasty bugs right towards the end of a roll-out.

Mojy Chian, SVP at GloFo, said in a statement that the Synopsys kit had runset creation done and dusted in record time which is why it got full certification for the 28nm, 40nm and 65nm processes. GlobalFoundries will be happy to avoid any late-stage surprises, we’re sure.

Synopsys says Validator uses scalable hybrid data and command processing to enable coding at a higher level of abstraction, doing away with manual lower level data processing by automating it.

The company claims that its near-linear scalability helps with its load scheduling and balancing, which will in turn let GloFo ‘streamline’ design rule development. It will help GloFo, Synopsys says, offer its customers high accuracy and scalability for advanced process nodes.