GlobalFoundries re-assures on AMD TSMC rumours

Responding to rumours that AMD will take Brazos production away from its manufacturing spin-off, GlobalFoundries maintains that its partnership is still sweet as a nut.

The dark, satanic rumour mill suggested earlier this month that AMD had ditched its 28nm Brazos APUs and was working on new designs to go to GloFo rival TSMC instead.  

“Given that the histories of both companies are intertwined in a strategic manner,” a GlobalFoundries spokesperson told TechEye, “we are working collaboratively through our new leadership teams to meet the needs of the industry and technology customers”.

The spokesperson went on to say that GlobalFoundries doesn’t comment on rumour or speculation, and that the  company policy is not to comment on customer’s foundry selection or products unless they do first.

According to GlobalFoundries (GloFo), any challenges it faced with Llano were “specific to that product.”

Our spokesperson tells us that yields for Bulldozer products are “on target” and “not affecting their ability to meet customer commitments.”

GlobalFoundries insists that it’s still the only foundry producing HKMG (High-K Metal Gate) products which are available to buy now. “All of our 32/28nm HKMG use the same gate stack that has been shipping for revenue since early 2011,” our spokesperson said. 

GloFo reckons it expects to ship more HKMG volume in 2011 than all of the other foundries combined. “In a recent call with financial analysts,” we hear, “AMD confirmed that the Llano ramp has essentially matched the Brazos ramp at TSMC.

“Given that Brazos is a very small die on the mature 40nm node process, this is a significant achievement. Llano is a much larger die, far more complex, and it is on 32nm with HKMG.”