GlobalFoundries promises 'tremendous momentum' in 2012

GlobalFoundries asserts that the company is not in tatters as some industry watchers have been suggesting, and that 2012 will see it move with “tremendous momentum”.

A spokesperson told TechEye that, although the company had acknowledged its Llano yields for early 2011 “did not meet our aggressive targets,” the 32/28nm HKMG process is “healthy overall”. Any challenges GlobalFoundries faced with Llano, the spokesperson claimed, were “specific to that product and not related to the Gate First HKMG technology”.

GloFo thinks Gate First HKMG is the best approach at 32 and 28nm for manufacturability and scalability, the spokesperson said, as it delivers a “significant die size and cost advantage over other foundry offerings”. We wonder who it could be talking about.

As for Llano in Dresden, GloFo claims that over the third and fourth quarters of 2011, the company made some “significant” operational changes. That means, GloFo says, there has been a “dramatic increase” in production velocity. The spokesperson boasted GlobalFoundries shipped hundreds of thousands of HKMG wafers, ahead of the competition.

GlobalFoundries noted that its New York state Fab 8 is running on the same Gate First HKMG as Dresden, so the company is confident it won’t flounder.

Rival TSMC recently tried to reassure investors about the success of its own 28nm process. CEO Morris Chang said there would be a rapid ramp in 28nm wafer production and that everything’s looking brighter for 40/45nm nodes.