Global Foundries strikes deal with nano outfit

Spun-off chip manufacturer GlobalFoundries (GloFo) said it has teamed up with nanoelectronics organisation Imec to take advantage of CMOS processes on geometries smaller than 22 nanometres.

GloFo said that Imec has a programme aimed at high volume fabrication of future logic and memory ICs. Imec is working on material and device studies, tool and process stepping and advanced integration.

GloFo will also be able to benefit from expertise on EUV lithography, nano interconnects and 3D integation, as well as GaN-on-Si technology. This will allow Global Foundries to work with high performance and inexpensive GaN devices, and work with other integrated device manufacturers (IDMs), foundries, compound semi firms, makers of equipment and suppliers of substrates. The goal is to develop eight inch GaN technology on silicon.

Imec, based in Belgium, has offices in Belgium, Taiwan, the USA, Japan and China, with a staff of over 1,750 people and revenues of 275 million euro.