Gateway leaks Interlagos and Valencia chip specs

AMD’s hardware chum Gateway has accidentally told the world and its dog the clock-speeds for AMD’s new Opteron chips, code-named Interlagos and Valencia.

X-Bit labs has been looking closely at Gateway’s coming attractions and worked out that the clockspeeds will be a bit slower than many are expecting.

It looks like AMD will put out four models in its Opteron 6200-series microprocessors. Two will have sixteen cores, one, twelve cores and the last will have eight cores. The twelve and sixteen cores will be multi-chip modules and have two 6- or 8-core dies. The eight core chip will be powered by a single eight-core die code-named Valencia.

It looks like the clock-speeds of the chips will be low as AMD slashes the thermal design power to keep compatibility with the G34 socket servers.

The first four will have the following SKUs:

Opteron 6220: 8-core, 3.0GHz, 3.5GHz Turbo, 4MB L2, 8MB L3 cache

Opteron 6234: 12-core, 2.4GHz, 2.9GHz Turbo, 6MB L2, 12MB L3 cache

Opteron 6272: 16-core, 2.1GHz, 2.6GHz Turbo, 8MB L2, 16MB L3 cache

Opteron 6276: 16-core, 2.3GHz, 2.8GHz Turbo, 8MB L2, 16MB L3 cache

It is still better than what is around at the moment.

AMD’s fastest twelve-core Opteron 6180 SE server chip works at 2.50GHz if it is running downhill with the wind behind it. However it seems that while the the new sixteen-core Opteron 6276 chip with 2.30GHz/2.80GHz clock-speeds will be faster, it might not be much faster.

AMD has been promising commercial shipments of server chips based on Bulldozer in August, so we should expect Gateway servers to be in the shops by September. AMD is still not confirming the specs.