G.Skill announces 48GB RAM kit

Family-run memory manufacturer G.Skill has launched a 48GB DDR3 RAM kit designed for workstations.

The new memory kit comes as 12 4GB 1,900MHz CL8 1.65V sticks, coupled with G.Skill’s Ripjaws series heatsink. The Taiwan-based company claims this is the only “hand-picked, hand-tested, ultra-high capacity” kit of its kind in the world.

The RAM is designed for EVGA’s Super Record 2 motherboard, which features just enough memory slots for the 12 sticks of RAM. It also has dual Intel Xeon LGA1366 CPU sockets which G.Skill has matched up on its RAM. 

An ideal system to use this kit in would be something sporting an Intel Xeon 4 to 6 core CPU and Nvidia’s 4-way SLI to bridge the RAM together.

Advanced users can even boost things up to 2,000MHz CL8 with some adjustments under the BIOS hood. 

G.Skill believes the new kit is so good that it is “the best memory for building the ultimate super-computer”, citing its potential use for 3D rendering, data modelling, scientific research, and other professions which require lots of processing power and the ability to multitask extensively.

The 48GB kit will be available for retail in August. Pricing is yet to be announced.