Fujitsu working on 40nm ASIC project in Europe

Fujitsu has begun work on a 40nm ASIC project for an unnamed European customer, the first of this type of project it has undertaken, reports Electronics Weekly.

The move represents a turnaround for the ASIC industry, which was seriously weakened during the recession. Mark Ellins, director of Common Technologys at Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe, told Electronics Weekly: “People have confidence to invest in major Asic projects again. We are now seeing new developments in the high-end telecoms sector.”

Ellins revealed that Fujitsu had secretly been working on the project since April of this year, at the same time it began a scheme to rename itself as Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe, the re-branding of which will complete next month. Brendan McKearney, managing director of Fujitsu, said: “Our name change reflects more accurately the focus of our activities, namely semiconductor products, solutions and related services.”

Fujitsu has been expanding its European base of operations for a while now, with the acquisition of software company Comneon in 2009. Now Futjitsu is planning to focus on Europe’s solar and wind power industries, according to Ellins.

The company is also expanding into the automotive industry. It is working on a collaboration with Advanced Digital Design on new microcontrollers for the smart-metering automotive market.