Fujitsu Semiconductor drives in three new 32-bit Microcontrollers

Fujitsu Semiconductor has parked in three additions to its 32-bit microcontroller range which it wants to shove under the bonnet of cars the world over.

The company’s three new chips, born from its MB91580 series, have been designed with the automotive industry in mind.  According to the company they will give better driving motor control features for Electrical Vehicles (EV) and Hybrid Vehicles (HV).

The new threesome, which are also part of the company’s 32-bit FLASH embedded microcontroller “FR family,” include a 12-bit A/D converter and R/D converter, which is claimed to detect the electric current and position of a car.

There’s also a R/D converter, which is said to detect the electrical angle and synchronise this with  an A/D converter. This in turn detects the three-phase electric current.

It is all part of Fujitsu Semiconductor’s bid to go green and push its new products  giving motor control for eco-cars.

It says that the new microcontrollers have also been made to reduce energy consumption as well as drive down cost reduction through CPU core and peripheral use.  Below is either a block diagram for the new chip, or a map to get to the launch do.

graph via Fujitsu