Freescale turns troll

Freescale Semiconductor has turned into a troll and beaten a path to the US International Trade Commission claiming that MediaTek, Top Victory Electronics and AmTran Technology have nicked its ideas.

According to the Taipei Times, the ITC is investigating whether the three pinched technology used in certain Freescale ICs, chipsets and other products, such as TVs.

MediaTek is not saying anything other than the the case was unlikely to have any immediate material impact on its operations.

The ITC said its chief administrative law judge would assign the case to one of the commission’s six administrative law judges, who will hold an evidential hearing and make an initial determination that will be subject to review by the commission. It should have an answer in just over a month.

This has been a long running saga between Freescale and MediaTek.  It is also not the first time that Freescale has sued MediaTek.