Freescale embarks on patent rampage

Freescale is furious at Taiwan’s MediaTek, among others, and is filing patent infringement complaints with the US ITC.

Freescale thinks MediaTek infringed on its integrated circuits and chipsets for TVs. Along with MediaTek, Freescale also has Zoran, Taiwan’s Top Victory Electronics and AmTran Technology in its crosshairs, along with others in Japan and South Korea. 

The company is demanding an investigation into the alleged patent infringements. If Freescale gets its way, the accused will see any of their products banned from the US market.

MediaTek rebutted by telling the Taipei Times this is simply another attack from the US company in an ongoing patent war between the two. CFO David Ku said Freescale’s move won’t have an immediate impact.

Freescale has accused MediaTek and Zoran of patent infringement before, reports EE Times,  which thinks the companies involved will have plenty of time to get their cases together.

The last time Freescale went on the warpath against the two was in July, and that filing has a target date of late 2012.