Flash prices bottom out

The price for NAND Flash memory appears to have stopped falling.

According to the beancounters at DRAMeXchange, the average price for 16Gb and 32Gb NAND chips grew three to six percent during the second half of August while those for high-density 64Gb ones remained flat.

The contract prices for 32Gb 3-bit per cell MLC chips were more or less the same as levels in the first half of the month.

DRAMeXchange thinks that the price stabilisation is due to a very slight rebound in buying. It thinks that system manufacturers have stocking their inventories ahead of their new product roll-outs.

They also claim that the launches of tablet PCs, smartphones and Ultrabook gear should sustain NAND flash prices in September and the following several months, according to sources at chip and module suppliers. System customers have increased their orders in preparation for the launch of new models.

It seems that SSD and embedded storage application demand is also a factor.

SSD demand is expected to receive a boost buoyed by its adoption by Ultrabook devices.