Ex AMD CTO, Eric Demers, goes to Qualcomm

Former chief technology officer at AMD, Eric Demers, is joining Qualcomm.

Demers left AMD earlier this year. Officially he was going on to greener pastures. Yesterday some of his old friends such as Pat Moorhead have congratulated him on his new job with the competition.

At the time, we did not think he would be out of work long.  In fact, he appears to have taken six months off before starting at his new office. His skills as a graphics man are exactly what Qualcomm needs.

Qualcomm is joining the Adreno graphics team, which was once part of AMD’s Imageon business. This was sold to Qualcomm in January 2009 for $65 million.

According to Tom’s Hardware, Demers’ task is to manage the old and new team and come up with some new graphics products.

This is important as Qualcomm has to come up with competition from Imagination Technologies with its Series 6 PowerVR architecture and Nvidia is gaining traction in the ARM processor field.

Qualcomm wants a big chunk of the Windows 8 ARM business and hopes that Demers’ expertise in the PC market will give it the inside trouser measurement of the market.