Elpida Memory, Powertech and UMC team up on 3D chips

Elpida Memory, Powertech Technology Inc. (PTI) and United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) have all decided they want to get in on 3D IC integration, and so have partnered to advance processes including for 28 nanometer chips. 

The plan is to use Elpida’s DRAM along with PTI’s assembly and UMC’s foundry logic tech develop complete 3D Integrated Circuit (3DIC) Logic and DRAM integration. Using Through-silicon Via (TSV) technology, it’s expected that integration of DRAM and Logic will help to deliver high performance applications for mobile and handheld electronics.

Throughout the collaboration the companies will oversee Logic and DRAM interface design, TSV formation, wafer thinning, testing and chip stacking assembly – it’s hoped by the three colluders that the outcome will quicken entry into the 3D IC market, as well as keep the technology competitively priced. 

Vice president at UMC, Mr. S. C. Chien, reckons that it’s onto a winner. UMC has taken an aggressive line towards developing new technology, he says, and this partnership will help all three get there quicker.

He says that UMC will continue to work with existing package partners, and will support customers who are looking for other ways to use TSV. 

TSV tech is important in realising a 3D integrated circuit – with it, 3D ICs are able to run faster operations and pack more punch into smaller footprints.