Elpida Memory hikes up DRAM prices

Elpida Memory has announced plans to raise the price on personal computer DRAMs by 10 percent.

It plans to raise DRAM prices which are going for a third of what they did last year from as early as the end of this month, according to Nikkei.

Elpida says the conditions are right. It says that of all types of DRAMs, the PC variety has fallen the most in price. This is down to the recession, which caused oversupply and led to manufacturers undercutting each other to remain competitive. This led to low DRAM prices.

Along with PowerChip Semiconductor Corp (PSC), Elpida announced that it will begin to ship 40nm DDR3 2Gb memory chips later on this quarter.

The company has recently kicked off volume production of the chips and secured additional capacity with Rexchip Electronics – co-held by itself and PSC.  

The volume production marks the advancement of the two memory-chip makers over their competitors on the island in 40nm competition, according to Taiwan Economic News.

The two manufacturers are set to launch pilot production of 30nm chips in the fourth quarter of this year after broadly migrating to 40nm process sometime in the second half.