Earthquake shakes TI results

Chip giant Texas Instruments turned in its second quarter results, with revenues of $3.46 billion and net profit of $672 million.

The Japanese earthquake dented its profits but CEO Rich Templeton said that, all in all, it was pleased with the results.

“We resumed production ahead of schedule at our Japan factories that were damaged in the earthquake,” he said.

The world economy is worrying TI a little. Templeton said that there are mixed macroeconomic and market signals. “Production at some computing and consumer manufacturers appears lukewarm, even though we’re heading into the back to school and holiday seasons.”

But Asian resales are strong, while demand from Japan is increasing, he said.

TI’s profits were dented by $50 million because of the earthquake in March. Profits fell compared to last year because its fabs were not full and revenues were lower.

Soon, National Semiconductor will be in TI’s fold. It makes most of its money from analogue semis, embedded processors, and wireless. It makes other stuff as well, including DLP and custom ASICs.