DRAM prices soar in wake of quake

Prices of DDR3 to the contract market – that is to say the PC OEMs,  are steadily rising following the problems caused by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

DRAM Exchange said that prices have risen by over three percent, while Taiwanese manufacturer Nanya has forecast that its prices will rise by up to five percent.

The problem is due to shortages expected on silicon wafers, as we reported earlier this week.

OEMs are panicking because they anticipate a shortage of DRAM, although actually there is an oversupply of products right now.

DRAM Exchange said that DDR3 2GB contract prices rose to $17 and anticipates further price rises in April.

It’s not just supply of silicon wafers that’s the problem – Hitachi Chemical and Mitsubishi Gas Chemical make over 80 percent of resin used in modules, while there are shortages of other raw materials used in the manufacture of both the chips and printed circuit boards.