DRAM prices slumped in July

Samsung DRAMThe average contract price of DDR3 4GB fell to $20.5 last month, a 15 percent drop from the price in June 2015.

DRAMeXchange said prices of DRAM will fall below $20 in the third quarter.

The DRAM analyst, Avril Wu, said that the global economy is in an uncertain period. “This results in downward revisions in performance forecasts across the DRAM industry, from wafer foundry’s capacity utilisation rate to mobile phone and notebook shipments.”

And Wu said that the arrival of Windows 10 is not going to give any significant boost to the DRAM market, meaning the notebook market won’t show its usual peak season in the third quarter.

She said: “Windows 10 has not generated enough replacement demand to drive notebook sales and third quarter notebook shipments will grow by only 6.1 percent compared to the prior quarter.”

Samsung, a major manufacturer of DRAM, has successfully moved to a 20 nanometre process in its foundries “and has the lowest cost structure”. That allowed the Korean giant to continue to be profitable, but Micron is struggling.

DRAM chart 2015