DRAM prices buoyant, Dramurai rejoice

The price of DRAM continues to climb with DDR3 memories up by two percent to three percent in the contract market.

DRAM Exchange, the memory watching company, said that the price of 2GB of DDR3 memory rose to $46 from $44, while the price of DDR2 remains flat as manufacturers wind down on making memory chips for the older memory standard.

The company estimates that major memory manufacturer Samsung is likely to maintain high operating margins of 30 percent in the second quarter.

The memory vendors want the world+dog to move switftly to DDR3, with an estimated 60 percent figure during this quarter. And there’s tight supply on DDR3, so that price is likely to continue to rise as the year goes on.

Now the manufacturers are seeing clear profits on memory.

It’s not just the contract market – that is to say memory supplied to PC manufacturers – that’s buoyant. The spot memory market is also doing well.

The picture illustrated is an Armenian 50,000 Dram note – money talks and it’s a more interesting picture than a DIMM, some might say.