Details of Nvidia's answer to HD6950 leaked

There has been much rumour and speculation about Nvidia’s Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 560 GPU which his the graphics chip maker’s answer to AMD’s Radeon HD 6950.

However now it appears that details of the chip have been leaked to the great unwashed before the official launch.

According to a GPU-Z screenshot which was spotted by TechPowerUp  the new card will be fabricated using TSMC’s 40nm process.

It is supposed to be a cheaper alternative to the company’s GeForce GTX 570 and GeForce GTX 580 GPUs, without losing too much performance.

The GPU will include 384 stream processors, 32 ROPs and a 256-bit memory interface, along with 1GB of GDDR5 memory.

The core GPU is set at 820MHz, with the stream processors running at 1,640MHz. It has GDDR5 memory set at 1GHz. All up it should bring in 128GB/s of overall memory bandwidth.

Other rumours have claimed that the chip is based on the GF104 chip used in its predecessor, the GeForce GTX 460. The only difference is that this one uses the full allocation of 384 stream processors.

It looks as if Nvidia is hoping that the boost in clock speed will help the GPU hit the performance levels to compete with the Radeon HD 6950.

Nvidia has failed to tell anyone about the price of the new card but have indicated that cards based around the new GPU are expected to launch in January.