December date rumoured for AMD 28nm GPUs

Das darken satanic rumour mill in Deutschland has manufactured a very precise rumour that AMD is planning to introduce the first products using 28-nanometer graphics chips in December.

Normally AMD launches its chips in November, which is just in time for Santa to shove them in the socks of those parents who have an economic frame of mind.

This year though there was talk that AMD would not get its new range of GPUs out until next year.

But it seems that someone at AMD wants to pull out all the stops.

According to, the new chips should be ready in the second week of December after been mailed out during the first week.

It is not clear if these will be mobile or desktop chips. Smart money is on the mobile chips, at the recent Fusion 11 Conference held in Taipei, in early October, AMD demonstrated the 28nm GPU running in notebooks.

A deepthroat amongst AMD’s partners whispered to Heise that the chips will be around in low levels in December.

Contract manufacturer TSMC allegedly still has problems with the 28-nanometer process and can’t get enough into the shops.