CSR invades world and watches with low energy Bluetooth chip

Chip company CSR is readying low energy Bluetooth tech which is going to be, basically, everywhere. That’s from hospitals and the gym right the way down to your pocket watch.

The chips,  produced at TSMC, are the key to integrated technologies. A concept model on show linked a prototype Android smartphone with a Casio NEC wrist watch – and the low energy Bluetooth means there are new and exciting ways to ignore phonecalls or emails.

PRs are going to love it – if an email comes through, you check your wrist, and it displays from your phone who the message is from. If it’s important, that is to say, not a journalist with an urgent question, go ahead and check your phone, if it’s not, forget about it. Likewise with phone calls. An alarm will begin ringing on the watch if you’re getting a call and display the caller ID straight from your smartphone – if you want to ignore it, double tap your watch and it’s gone.

Likewise, for the clumsy and forgetful, the watch synchronises with your phone. If you misplace it – hit a button on your watch and an alarm begins playing. It’s low energy so it can go as long as you need to, and the watch tells you how far away you are from your phone too, like playing a bizarre game of hide and seek with yourself, it’ll tell you if you’re hot or cold. 

The chip has all sorts of applications and CSR tells TechEye that the team expects its technology to be basically everywhere. Since integration is the word of the year so far – with Bada, smart TVs and similar – a low energy option really needs to be available so you can sync up all your devices. Even a heart rate monitor can sync up and send data to the cloud. So your gym instructor knows you haven’t been eating chips by the handful.

Though CSR could not even give a nod as to which manufacturers will be plugging what, CSR says the chips will be commercially available late this year and early next year. For official health applications with hospitals, the approval process is longer but the next few years sounds about right. Reception has been positive and everyone seems keen to get going.

TechEye asked if CSR is rich, then. The response? With the CSR8000 Synergy for Android and its range of technologies, “we’re going to be a lot richer.”