CSR announces CSR8600 wireless consumer audio platform

Wireless chip firm CSR has announced the CSR8600 wireless consumer audio platform, which it claims will offer superior high-fidelity audio quality for integrated system-on-chip devices.

The CSR8600 platform packs a small form factor and a high performance audio processing enegine, with flexible memory architecture for internal flash memory or ROM, while also supporting external serial flash memory.

Low power consumption and power efficiency are key features of the platform, thanks to its ultra-low-power DSP architecture, power supply subsystem, efficient memory system, and a reduction in process node geometry. Add in multiple switching power supplies, low drop-out regulators and a new battery charger architecture and it promises to be super efficient.

It will support advanced and low energy Bluetooth, as well as CSR’s aptX audio technology, which provides high-fidelity stereo over low latencies. Clear Voice Capture is also supported, allowing for acoustic echo and noise cancellation.

CSR intends to introduce a range of integrated single-chip products that will make use of the new platform, including next-generation TVs, connected home entertainment systems, wired and wireless speaks, tablets, PCs and mobile connectivity applications.

The CSR8600 platform will also be backwards compatible with the CSR BlueCore5-Multimedia platform, which will allow users of CSR eXtension products to switch to the new platform more easily.

Samples of the product are currently being offered to large customers and it will be available for retail towards the middle of 2011.