Crocus springs to capture MRAM market

Crocus Nano Electronics is building a production facility in Russia and has a manufacturing agreement with Chinese foundry SMIC. It has a licence agreement with IBM for 65/45nm MLUs (memory logic units), and will go into volume production towards the end of this year.

No MRAM product has yet entered the market but Crocus believes it has solved stability problems with magnetic memories.  

Benchmarks show its technology is high speed at read and write, a factor of three tenths of flash and is also very temperature resistant.

Crocus will eventually move to 28 nm technology for its generation 4, as the following roadmap shows.

The magnetic technology performs secure and fast data and user authentication and confidential information bever leaves the MLU and can operate at speeds of 15ns.

CEO Jacques Noels claims that the Crocus MLU is disruptive and will be used for mobile commerce and in smart phones because of its inherent security. It has tested the MLU extensively in all known hacking attacks.  

The markets Crocus believes it can capture are automotive and for secure commerce and will be worth $2 billion by 2015, Noels estimates. The company will ship millions of units next year, he said.