Cost of lawyers goes up for Rambus

IP outfit Rambus turned in a net loss for its second financial quarter. The cost of layers of lawyers is going up.

The company said that its net loss was $10.6 million – it made a loss of $4.2 million in the same quarter last year.

But it had something to crow about. Its revenues for the second quarter amounted to $66.2 million – Samsung, Elpida and Nvidia coughed up some royalties to Rambus.

And during the same period, it bought Cryptography Research and that dented its profits to the tune of $168.8 millions.

One big expense for Rambus was the cost of lawyers – that cost it $11.5 million, up from the cost of lawyers last year of $9.2 million.  It’s got $359.4 million in the bank which no doubt will buffet it against any slings and arrows for a while.