Corsair manages DDR3 speed record

Corsair Memory has managed to set a new DDR3 memory clock-speed world record. The outfit used its Dominator GTX6 memory modules tied to an AMD FX-8150 “Zambezi” microprocessor in a bid to reach 3467.8MHz

According to X-Bit, Corsair used an Asus Crosshair V Formula mainboard as well as an AMD FX-8150 microprocessor and Dominator GTX6 1GB DDR3 memory module cooled by liquid nitrogen.

The chip ran at 4045.6MHz in single-module/dual-core mode and after numerous attempts its integrated memory controller managed to run Corsair’s DDR3 memory in single-channel mode at 3.468GHz clock-speed. This is 10MHz higher than the previous record of 3.460GHz.

So, rather sadly, the record has been set in the single channel mode which is pretty much useless for the real world.

AMD FX-8150 “Zambezi” microprocessors have been setting records in internal clock-speeds but also helping to speed up DDR3 frequency records is an additional feather in its cap. Sadly, both are useless for those who want to squeeze a bit more speed out of their PCs.

To get the sort of overclocks that have been reported lately you need to have shedloads of gear. But it does show that AMD’s FX microprocessor should really be the overclocker’s chip of choice.

X-Bit claims that lots of enthusiasts are trying to overclock memory in dual-channel mode, we guess there is a lot of wet weather ad the moment. Memory bandwidth provided by single-channel memory at 3.468GHz is 27.74GB/s, whereas in dual-channel mode even 2.4GHz modules can achieve 38.4GB/s even without liquid nitrogen.